Reaching outside the walls of the Church to find those in need of a Savior.


The greatest Country in the world! Although we may have stumbled, through Prayer and the Blessings of Jesus Christ we will not fall.


Our mission is to bring encouragement to the discouraged, give hope to the hopeless, and roundup as many souls as we can before The Final Roundup! by targeting large venue events, such as rodeos, auto racing, football games, and state and local fairs, which will enable us to reach thousands of people at one time in our own mission field here in America.


Our goal is to form several ministry teams equipped with mobile stages to cover these events across America using Christian country music accompanied by the gospel of Jesus Christ and an invitation to accept his gracious salvation.  

Cowboy Outreach America is a 501(c)3 organization governed by a Board of Directors and will be funded, in large part, by individual donors and churches.


The American Cowboy has always been a hero. When you mix the love of Christ in with that, it’s a powerful combination.

Use our EASY TITHE APP or Text to give: 802 GO JESUS (802-465-3787) YOUR OPPORTUNITY Your donations are tax deductible (501c3)
Cowboy Outreach America is a Tommy Brandt Ministries Outreach (501c3). ©Tommy Brandt Ministries. All rights reserved.
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